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Rental Terms & Conditions

Hereinafter, the “Company” refers to LA Rentals Malta as the hiring company and “Hirer” or “Driver” both refer to the person hiring and driving the vehicle.

1. Hirer must be between 21 and 75 years of age and a valid form of identification (ID or passport) needs to be presented at the rental desk.

2. Hirer need to be in possession of a Valid Driving License in the correct Category (AM/B for 50cc & A/Al/A2 for 125cc and more). If the Driving License is not in the Roman Alphabet, an International Driving Permit needs to be Presented. For Driving Licenses from Countries not part of the International driving License treaty, an Official Translation of the License must be presented with the Original License.

3. Extra Damage & Liability Waiver:
Waiver Option – If you opt for Extra Damage liability waiver by paying an additional fee of €150 per vehicle. damage liability shall be limited, and the refundable deposit will be reduced from €350 to €200.
Scope of Waiver – The waiver applies solely to minor damages and excludes damages resulting from misconducted use of the vehicle, damages to tires, and loss of keys. The Renter shall be solely responsible for any such damages.
Accident or Big Damage – In the event of an accident or significant damage to the rented vehicle, the Renter may open a claim by paying a reduced fee of €350, Additionally, the €150 paid for the waiver will be adjusted within this €350 claim.

4. Every vehicle is covered by a Comprehensive Insurance Policy. In case of a claim, an insurance excess of €500 applies.

5. The Comprehensive Insurance will not apply in the cases mentioned below:
The rented vehicle is being driven at excessive speed beyond those laid down by police.
Driver is in state of drunkenness or under the influence of drugs.
Number of persons on the vehicle is in excess of 2.
The vehicle is driven or used for off-road or rough terrain (in that case a €100 fine will apply).
Driver parks the vehicle without putting on steering-lock (if the vehicle is found parked without a steering-lock, the rental agreement can be revoked and a €100 fine will apply).
Driver and/or passenger drive the vehicle without wearing the helmet which is obligatory by Maltese law (2 helmets provided per vehicle)

6. Minor damages such as split Tyres, punctures, damaged rims, mirrors, seats or accessories are not covered by Insurance and are the Hirer’s responsibility.

7. Company provides complimentary towing service in case of a puncture, accident or mechanical failure. Should the towing service be required, Hirer needs to remain with the vehicle until the tow truck arrives. Abandoning the vehicle will forfeit Hirer’s right for refund or vehicle replacement. In case of the vehicle being towed in Gozo, additional fees such as Gozo ferry fees will be Hirer’s responsibility. Company is not liable for any time wasted returning back to Malta and no refunds will apply.

8. Hirer is responsible to repair punctured Tyre/s at any Tyre repair shop at his/her own expense.

9. In case of lost keys, Hirer will be charged for a replacement and/or delivery of a new key.

10. Hirer must inform Company immediately if the vehicle is involved in an accident and must provide insurance details to any other party involved and make a statement to the police and/or traffic wardens as applicable, if anyone suffers any injury. Hirer also agrees that s/he will co-operate with any reasonable request from Company or its insurers to provide statements and other information in respect of any accident.

11. Hirer must inform Company immediately and file an official police report at the nearest Police Station in case of theft or malicious damage from third parties.

12. A €350 security deposit will be charged per rental to cover any possible traffic fines or any other deductibles accumulated by Hirer during rental including any minor damage as per clause 6. The security deposit is refunded in full/part according to the number of citations or Fines, after 24 Hours of Rental completion.

13. Hirer does not hold the right to request to pay any fine personally. Any fines incurred will be paid in Cash to LA Rentals, upon the vehicle’s return. An additional €5 administration charge will be charged per traffic fine.

14. Hirer can use Wise, MasterCard or Visa to affect payment to LA Rentals. A valid credit card in Hirer’s name must be presented at the rental desk to pre-authorize/block the security deposit. The credit card(s) must be embossed and a PIN may be required. In the event that Hirer fails to present a valid credit card, there are insufficient funds available or the card is not in Hirer’s name, LA Rentals may refuse the rental. In these instances, no deposit will be reimbursed. Card authorization holds can fall off the account, thus rendering the balance available again, anywhere from seven (7) to thirty-one (31) business days after the transaction date, depending on the issuing bank, and their policy. LA Rentals will not be held liable for any funds not released by the client’s issuing bank.

15. All vehicles are to be test driven prior to leaving LA Rentals booking office to confirm that the vehicle is in good working condition and drives as it should. The vehicle must be returned in the same running order and condition as when it was hire. In the case of any mechanical faults, the Hirer should notify the Company immediately and any pre-existing damages can only be considered by Company if Hirer presents photos taken upon vehicle pickup.

16. The minimum rental period is 1 day. Pickup is available from 9:00am and latest return on the same day is 5:00pm. Should Hirer return the vehicle on a later date and hour than that on the rental contract, an additional day will be charged.

17. Company always supplies the vehicle with a full tank of fuel and Hirer is expected to return it with the same amount of fuel. In case Hirer returns the vehicle with less fuel than a full tank, the missing fuel will be charged for and it can be at a rate which is significantly higher than the price at the fuel station. Furthermore, a €5 refueling charge will apply

18. Hirer is responsible to ensure the correct type and amount of fuel is put in the vehicle. Should the vehicle breakdown or be damaged by the wrong fuel being put in the vehicle then the Hirer will reimburse the Lessor in full for all costs/damages associated therewith.

19. Vehicles displayed by Company on its website represent the most common vehicles in its fleet and in most cases, Company will provide Hirer with the same make and model as that displayed on the website. When this is not possible, an alternative model in the same category will be provided.

20. The vehicle rental comes with no mileage restrictions but driving is strictly restricted to tarmacked roads in Malta or Gozo.

21. A Hirer who rents a vehicle for 30 days or more needs to keep an eye on the vehicle’s mileage to see when the next service inspection is due. Any damage caused by the lack of servicing will be Hirer’s responsibility in case the vehicle is not returned when the indicated service inspection is due.

22. The price of optional extras such as additional driver is subject to change without notice and also subject to availability. Damage to extras might result in deductions from the security deposit.

23. If a rental is cancelled up to 72 hours prior to the rental date, a €50 cancellation fee will apply and the rest of the deposit will be refunded. In case the deposit paid was €50 or less, no refund will apply.

24. In case of a cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the rental date or in case of a no-show, no refund will be issued.

25. All cancellation requests will be confirmed by Company via the email given by Hirer during the online rental process. Company reserves the right to refuse rental without refund in case Hirer fails to pick the vehicle at the designated date/time or fails to provide the necessary documentation.

26. All cancellation requests should be done on 27. Company will not issue any refund once the rental period has commenced.

28. This agreement shall be governed by and construed under Maltese Law and Maltese courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising therefrom

 Important Telephone Numbers

Company Emergency Number:    +356 77106319

Traffic Wardens (in case of accident):    +356 21320202

Emergency (in case of injury):   112

Towing Service (policy in the name of Dean Xerri):   +356 22480200