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Why Renting a Scooter is a great way to explore Malta

Like many who visit Malta for their holidays, at some point you will realise that although relatively small, the island offers a lot to explore… far more than what you can probably manage in your limited time, using public transportation. If that’s the case, renting a scooter is the most practical way to wander the narrow village streets, explore the hidden coves and beaches dotting the perimeter of the island or to visit the cultural sights that the country is famous for.

Here are some advantages:

Get around easily

First of all, having your own vehicle to move around the island allows you to avoid public buses which, although they can be convenient for short distances, are sometimes crowded plus you will need to wait.

Moreover, driving a scooter will allow you to avoid traffic jams as much as possible… and unfortunately, traffic jams are everywhere. But if you’re on a scooter you don’t need to worry, if anything, traffic jams make the roads even safer for you!


Renting a scooter in Malta is not only very convenient but also very affordable. At LA Rentals we have the best scooter rental prices in Malta and over and above that, our advantageous rates keep going down the longer you rent for.

Equipment is provided

You won’t have to worry about finding a helmet or smartphone holder to help you with navigation. You don’t even need to worry where you’re going to place your belongings. LA Rentals provide 2 helmets per scooter and if you need, we’ll also provide you with a smartphone holder free of charge. Furthermore, all our scooters have a spacious tailbox where you can securely transport your belongings while riding around.


While most scooter rental companies offer 3rd party insurance on their vehicles, all LA Rentals scooters are covered by a fully comprehensive insurance for your added peace of mind.



Parking in Malta is a nightmare if you’re driving a car since traffic is heavy and parking is very limited. Parking a scooter is a different story however since you will find no difficulty finding a place to park.


The weather

Scooters are ideal except in bad weather. Luckily, we rarely get bad and wet weather in Malta which makes it perfect to ride a scooter. This is the case all year round.

Whether you’re coming to Malta for a weekend or a fortnight, renting a scooter from is definitely a good idea.

The prices are excellent and the service and advice provided by Lydon and his team are absolutely fantastic. It’s like having friends in Malta to give you the inside scoop, which makes it much easier to feel connected to the island.